Audition Guidelines

Every actor has a first-time for auditioning, and most remain nervous about auditioning even after years of doing so. Don’t let the first-time jitters keep you from trying out for a stage role. Directors are very understanding and will work with you at the audition to bring out your best. They know you are nervous. The following guidelines are offered by MCMT to help auditionees understand what is expected at our auditions and help them with their preparation. MCMT auditions typically involve singing, acting, and stage movement.

What role? Know something about the show for which you are auditioning and any specific parts you are seeking.

Song selection is the auditionee’s choice. The most important thing about your song selection is that it highlights your vocal capability. Ideally, it should be from a musical production. You will be limited to about 2 minutes for your song. If you go long, you may be cut off by the director once they have heard your ability.

Your vocal selection needs an accompaniment. As part of auditions, MCMT provides a talented piano accompanist who will be happy play the piece of sheet music you must bring to auditions. You may also bring your own accompanist or use pre-recorded music (please no other vocalists or background singers on it). MCMT provides a loudspeaker with connections via USB-C or Lightning cable.

Readings will depend on the part for which you are auditioning. You may have a chance to read several different parts.

Don’t wear strong colognes or perfumes or other scents. Actors don’t like to sneeze or have allergic reactions!

Stage movement (choreography, dance) will vary depending on the shows. Some shows require highly specialized dancers, whereas others may require little more than some movement in rhythm. Dress comfortably in loose clothing and wear comfortable shoes in which you can move. No flip-flops!

The audition process may take anywhere from half-an-hour to a couple of hours, depending on the number of people auditioning and the format selected for auditions.

MCMT holds open auditions, meaning anyone can audition. As a community theater, we seek the best person for each role and we give first consideration for all roles to those auditionees. We look forward to seeing you at a future audition.

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