The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

When & Where

Hanford High Auditorium
Richland, WA
March 22, 23, 24, and 25


Our production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame pulses with life. This powerful story was written by Victor Hugo over one hundred years ago as an effort to save the beautiful but crumbling Notre Dame de Paris. And it worked. No longer crumbling, it is beloved and visited by the world. Hugo told a complicated tale, but the title tells us who we care for in the story, and who we love in every version shared since then. We love Quasimodo. And we love who he loves — Esmerelda. Unfortunately, she is loved by others as well, and the conflicts which arise from those multiple desires form the basis of this musical.

Composers Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz worked with writer Peter Parnell to reframe the concept originated in the Disney version of Hunchback. No longer intended for children, the stage version grapples with all the adult cross-currents of loneliness, kindness, lust, and commitment which lead to transformation.

MCMT’s production features a truly heavenly choir singing breathtaking choral music to frame a story told by a narrator, four leads, and a talented ensemble who play multiple roles. We’re asked early on, “What makes a monster, and what makes a man?” As we explore the evolution of each, we are asked to look closely into our hearts, to note the best and maybe, some of the worst, of our instincts. We’re asked to nurture whatever it is that makes us better people.

Production Team

Directors: Deb Donahoe & Peggy Painter
Producer: Anne Spilman
Vocal Diector: Mary Dann
Pianist: Ben Walley
Conductor: Nancy Elliott
Choreographer: Kelsey Wehner
Costumes: Marsha Popielarczyk
Stage Manager: Kristine Popielarczyk
Props: Amanda Workman
Tech Director: Ron Pawlowski & Eric Richman
Lighting and Set Design: Cameron Milton
Sound: Manny Fernandez
Light Operator: Norah Hanrahan
Set Design: Dave Neumayer
House Manager: Sam Carterby
Ticketing: Erin Dickey
Member Gala: Jo Brodzinski


Frollo: Scott Whitemarsh
Quasimodo: Paul Nelson
Clopin: Emily Brown
Esmeralda: Claire Dann
Phoebus: Hyrum Jarvis

Beth Bell
Adam DeFord
Alex Eberle
Jaycelin Eyre
Thaddeus Fickel
Joe Francik
Rebecca Francik
William Henry
Cleo Howell
Dianne Hudson
Brandon Jarvis
Miriam Kerzner
Ron Pawlowski
Mary Weber
Chuck Wojnowski

Joyce Bean
Rick Donahoe
Annelise Horstman
Sarah Horstman
Hailey Howard
Ellen Kathren
Kerry Lorenzo
Jacqueline Marrast-Simpson
Jillena O’Brien
Ann O’Neill
Mike O’Neill
Marsha Polk
Andrew Spurlock
Benjamin Stürmer
Nathan Whitford


Wendy Smith
Nick Rice
Collin Iedema
Heidi Jackson
Patrick Paulson
Lucasz Kowalski

Brent Steinert
Skyler Mendell
John Owen
Rich Carterby

Ben Chambers

Heather Hull Hart
Lora Roosendaal
Robert John Hanson
Kristina Filippello

Ben Walley
Sheila Gephart

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