West Side Story

West Side Story

When & Where

Columbia Park Bandshell
Kennewick, WA
June 22, 23, 28, 29, 30

Summer 2018


West Side Story premiered in New York on September 26, 1957, and as the curtain fell on that debut performance the theatre goers sat in stunned silence.  They didn’t quite know what to do with this musical that was tense, violent, sexy and dangerous, that had no overture and no happy ending.  In a season that also premiered My Fair Lady and The Music Man, West Side Story was revolutionary. 

WSS has been performed over a half a million times and has been translated into Serbo-Croatian, Turkish, mounted in Latvia and Lebanon, hailed in Johannesburg and Manila and Tel Aviv.  And, for the first time in twenty-five years, by Mid-Columbia Musical Theatre. 

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Production Team

Producer: Heather Johnson
Assistant Producer: Erin Dickey
Director: Megan Johnson
Assistant Director: Sergio Bueno
Music Director and Conductor: Jill Madison
Assistant Musical Director: Abigail Bennett Carterby
Choreographer/Fight Combatant: Anna Newbury
Assistant Choreographer: Loralee Newbury
Technical Director: Clint Howell
Stage Managers: Carson Roach, Clint Howell
Costumer: Kyla Haren
Assistant Costumer: Jessie Levy
Seamstresses: Mary Lou Gnoza, Elizabeth Macduff, Jessie Levy
Hair Consultant: Tori Field


Rehearsal Accompanist: Karen Walley
Dance/Fight Captains: Joshua Lee Fox, Sarah Davis
Dramaturg: Cyndi Kimmel
Mentor Director: Matt Leggett
Props Manager: Judie Smith
Lighting Design: Cameron Milton
Sound Engineer: Manuel Fernandez
Set Design: Clint Howell
Venue Coordinator: Samantha Carterby
House Manager: Lisa Howell
Ticketing Manager: Erin Dickey
Hospitality Manager: Nicole Peterson
Orchestra Liaison: Ben Chambers
Marketing/Promo Materials: Cason Roach/Jill Madison/Mike Madison
Playbill: Mike Madison
Muralist: Cameron Milton


Tony – Tyler Zirker
Maria – Cleo Howell

Riff – Paul Nelson
Action -JD Snow
Baby John – Kaleb Harshfield
A-Rab – Alex Eberle
Big Deal – Aaron-Michael Sintay
Diesel – Kory Carterby
Gee-Tar – Joshua Fox
Anybodys – Syd Combs

Bernardo- Sergio Bueno
Chino – Jorge Portugal
Pepe – Pedro Torres
Indio – Damien Valencia
Anxious – Noah Manzanares
Juano – Nathan Riel
Nibbles – Alex Loumas


Jet Women

Velma – Hannah Merwin
Graziella/Soloist – Brielle Szendre
Minnie – Carson Roach
Clarice – Anna Ward
Pauline – Gracie Eissens
Margaret – Sarah Davis

Shark Women
Anita – Kanisha Castillo
Consuelo – Ashton Silva
Rosalia – Carmel Stephan
Francisca – Marieli Pedroza
Margarita/Soloist/Maria’s Mother – Olivia Elizondo

Doc – Gary Cook
Lt. Schrank – James Callaghan
Officer Krupke – Joe Francik
Gladhand – Joe Kimmel
Maria’s Father – Jesse Bravo


Violin: Mary K. French, Heather Hull-Hart, Lora Roosendaalt
Cello: Kristina Filippello
Bass: Marella McGreal
Trumpet: John Nelson, Skyler Mendell
French Horn: Carey Simpson
Trombone: Rich Carterby
Reeds: Sabrina Juhl, Collin Iedema, Diego Peralta, Kevin Laws, Steven Arrasmith
Guitar: Phil Simpson
Keyboard: Karen Walley
Percussion: Ben Chambers, James Bennett

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